PMP Man-Made Paradise Farm

PMP MAN-MADE "PARADISE" FARM RESORT is located at: Brgy Nazareth, General Tinio, 3104 Papaya, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

The 250-hectare farm is the first DOT-accredited farm resort in the municipality. It features a beautiful landscape of exotic and endemic fruit and forest trees that becomes the alternative shelter for different species of birds and other domestic animals.

Visitors may enjoy traditional rural life in a Bahay-Kubo while communing with nature. Ready activities such as horseback riding, carabao cart riding, and sheep herding are offered during day tours. Its man-made lakes or small water impounding projects for plantations’ water needs are transformed into areas for fun-water activities such as kayaking, floating nipa huts, and fishing. Families, young professionals, and even “barkadas” may enjoy overnight accommodations at the farm in its cozy villas and Bahay-Kubo.

This farm-resort is owned by the family of Ret. Major Pablo M. Pagtalunan located at the centre of Barangay Nazareth, Gen. Tinio (Papaya), Nueva Ecija. It corresponds to the view of greenery and nearby mountains of Taklang Damulag, Fort Magsaysay, the Phil. biggest military camp, and by the well-known Minalungao National Park (Another tourist destination in the area).


If you are prepared to get your hands dirty, here are some five things you can try at PMP Paradise Farm. Just make sure to bring extra clothing with you because you will be in for some real farm experience.

1. Fishing

This is the first thing that you can try. You can have your own fishing rod and try to put some bait in it. After a few minutes of waiting, you will be able to catch some fish! You can even ride a floating nipa hut to hunt for more.

2. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a very rewarding and accessible activity for all of us, which gives us the possibility to disconnect from the world, ride on trails and discover landscapes during our riding holidays.

3. Sheep Herding

Herding is the practice of caring for roaming groups of livestock over a large area. Sheep were one of the first animals to be domesticated by ancient herders.

4. Palitaw Making

Palitaw is a popular Filipino snack and is definitely one of my favorites! It’s a sweet flat rice cake made from malagkit or sticky rice. It is coated with sugar, coconut and sesame seeds.

5. Try Local Food

After exploring hard at the farm, you definitely deserve some treat! And PMP Paradise Farm will not fail you. They prepared local dishes for you and everything produced from the farm of course!



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Participation in the Sierra Madre Greening Program

Upper Tabuating Irrigation Dam Project

Multi-purpose earth-fill dam located at Barangay Nazareth

Resbakuna Sa Papaya


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