Invest in General Tinio

Welcome to General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, One of the Most Business-Friendly Municipality in the Province of Nueva Ecija!

For many years now, General Tinio desires to become one of the most favorite business destinations in Central Luzon. Just Three and Half hour (3 1/2 hrs.) away from Metropolitan Manila, we offer a business experience like no other. We take pride in our competent and empowered workforce, well-managed tax collection system, a developing infrastructure support, abundant natural resources, and an attractive business incentive package, making every investor feel the warm welcome of the Papayanos. We have also maintained a community conducive to doing business.

With our continuous effort to respond to the demands of the times, the Local Government of General Tinio is investing in important projects that will benefit not only our business partners in General Tinio but all over the Province of Nueva Ecija and as well as Central Luzon.

General Tinio is also investing in equipping our people with the right skills and knowledge to be able to develop a generation of entrepreneurs, competitive and determined to face the challenges of the changing times.

Visit us now, and experience for yourself what we have in store for you.

Reasons for Investing in General Tinio

1. Abundant Natural Resources

General Tinio's is the second largest municipality in terms of its land area. Itsagricultural areaconsists of 3,766.29 hectares or 56.44% of the total land area while 646.03 hectaresare alloted for industrial use or 9.68%. Rivers, creeks and other water bodies consist of 155.44 hectares which is the main source of water supplies in the municipality.*

2. Highly Productive Human Resources

*General Tinio's most important resources are its people. According to 2021 Statistics, the municipality's potential labor force is about 61.98% or 34,046 of the total population and considered economically active.

Papayanos tradition of love of education is one of the main ingredience in propelling its economy. Human resource of this town is distributed in other cities and provinces across Central Luzon and even abroad because of lacking industries and opportunities in the locality.

3. Favorable Peace and Order Situation

General Tinio is relatively a peaceful municipality. Order and discipline are the norms. For the period of January 01, 2021 to March 2022, almost 100% of the crimes committed in this municipality were cleared/solved.

In 2021, police records shows that the crime volume is 46 both index and non-index crime and the average crime rate processed by the PNP is 100% statistics on all crime incidents referred/processed/gathered by General Tinio PS.

4. Well-Developed Infrastructure Support

Access to and within General Tinio is made possible by an extensive network of national and provincial roads complemented by municipal and barangay roads.

5. Reasonable Cost of Doing Business in General Tinio

The Local Government Unit of General Tinio encourages economic growth by providing incentives and initiating policies that encourage more investments. It is creating the proper setting to hasten increased economic activities within its capability, such as through the institution of efficiency and effectiveness in government service, maintenance of peace and order, pollution control, and the provision of infrastructure and utilities.

6. Strategic Location

General Tinio is strategically located about 120 kilometers from the financial and industrial center of Metro Manila, lying in the eastern part of Central Luzon.

7. Attractive Incentives


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